Interdisciplinary Conference
Building Bridges in a Complex World

CHANIA, CRETE, GREECE | 6-8 July 2017


Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing with an original chapter to the conference book, please submit a 1500-word summary of your proposed chapter to the email  by 15th September 2017.

The chapters can be written in single or co-authorship, but at least one author needs to have presented at the conference. The chapters cannot have been published elsewhere.

All chapters will be peer reviewed. Based on the reviewers’ advice, a certain number of chapters will be selected for the book. The authors will be notified by email by the 31st September 2017.

The deadline for submitting the final chapter is 1st November 2017. The ideal length of the chapter is 5000 words. Chapters with fewer than 3000 words or more than 7000 words will not be considered.

The chapters should be submitted as a Word document and all text should be single-spaced. The standard to be used are the Chicago Manual of Style.

Page Size

The full physical page size including all margins will be 148mm x 210mm.


Header: 15mm; Top of main body: 25mm; Bottom: 15mm; Left: 21mm; Right: 21mm Footer: 0

Font Size

Times New Roman 10 pts for fonts for the main text; 9pts for all additional parts except end-notes and index; 16pts for chapter headings.


Indent the first line of each paragraph by 5mm. Indent quoted texts of greater than 2 lines or other texts which you think should stand out by 5 millimeters from both sides, and leave one line spaces between the top line and main text as well as between the bottom line and main text; and use 9 pts for all such text.


Use double quotation marks for all cases (including single words) except for quotes within quotes.

Images and Graphs

It is recommended that you use TIFF files for producing images or photographs, and EPS files for vector graphics (illustrations). All images including photographs must be included in the main Word document. Images should not be inserted into Word at more than 100% of their original size because this will cause a loss of quality.  The images and table should be numbered in a sequential order.


It is recommended that you use some sort of background colour like light grey for the title row or column of a table, and ensure that the text of titles is in bold. This can be achieved by clicking on the relevant cells of your table, and then clicking on Table, Table Properties, Borders and Shading, and then selecting a colour (preferably 20%-grey).

Do not use different types of formatting for different rows or columns unless you would like to differentiate between headings and body text. The tables and table should be numbered in a sequential order.