Interdisciplinary Conference
Building Bridges in a Complex World

CHANIA, CRETE, GREECE | 6-8 July 2017

Viviane Rodrigues

My personal and professional journey starts with my involvement with the Black Movement, in the periphery of Maceió (Alagoas, Brazil), during the 90s. We used to perform and dance on the streets but the invisibility of our actions pushed me to study Public Relations. During my studies, I got interested in institutional memories. This drew my attention towards understanding and working with social movements of marginalised groups beyond the Black Movement. I have been working with rural workers, indigenous communities, LGBT community members and African-derived religious groups. This is how I ended up becoming a communications officer for marginalised groups.

My engagement with these movements got me also interested in social museology. I am a founding member of the Museum of Peripheral Culture, which aims to record and make visible the memories of four different neighbourhoods of Maceió. The Museum is part of the Programme Pontos de Memória of the Brazilian Institute of Museums, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.


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