Interdisciplinary Conference
Building Bridges in a Complex World

CHANIA, CRETE, GREECE | 6-8 July 2017

Juliana Sousa

I was born in Arapiraca, in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. I follow and practise African-derived religions and I am closely involved with the social movements network in Maceió, which is an important part of my life. I studied Psychology at Federal University of Alagoas and carried on with a post-graduate degree in Management of Health Care Networks at Oswald Cruz Foundation/FIOCRUZ. I currently work as a psychologist at the Special Indigenous Health Department led by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. I run the Mental Health and Psycho-social Care Programme in the Indigenous sanitary district of Sergipe and Alagoas. I work with 13 different ethnic indigenous groups in their territories on psycho-social and health issues, such as violence, drug and alcohol abuse.


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