Interdisciplinary Conference
Building Bridges in a Complex World

CHANIA, CRETE, GREECE | 6-8 July 2017
Crete, Greece 2017

Call for Papers

At the beginning of the 21st century, the world is facing challenges that are interconnected, including wars, terrorism, (forced) migrations, global inequalities and asymmetries, climate change etc.

The fundamental constraints to an equitable standard of living for everyone are neither a shortage of resources nor a lack of technological innovations. The main impediments are a lack of political will to reform a global institutional order that produces foreseeable yet avoidable power asymmetries. Whereas on our side, it is potentially experiences of disempowerment and/or the lack of solidarity, which influence our abilities to imagine a just world and to dare enough to play the role of change-makers.

This is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-driven gathering with the main focus on bringing people together to share ideas in a convivial environment. We hope to explore what kind of alternative questions, concepts, methods and practices are necessary to address these complex challenges of our time.

It is in this spirit that we invite contributions from practitioners and researchers to share your insights, practices and experiences relating to programmes, policies and studies that address issues of social (in)justice and (in)equality locally and internationally. Possible topics could address one of the following thematic areas:

Violence, Conflict & Resistance

  • Terrorism & Prevention
  • Wars & Conflict
  • Gangs & Other Forms of Extreme Violence
  • Youth Crime
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Hate Crimes Against LGBT Community Members
  • Racism & Discrimination
  • (Forced) Migration
  • Trauma & Resilience
  • Reconciliation
  • Social Movements
  • Collective Action
  • Political Imagination

Global Justice, Well-being & Sustainability

  • Environment, Sustainability & Development
  • Urbanisation
  • Capitalism & Global Politics
  • Poverty & Social Inequalities
  • Work & Working Conditions
  • Health, Equity & Governance
  • Demographic Changes
  • Education (System)
  • Media
  • Science & Technology